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Internet Download Manager 2022 - The latest version

Internet Download Manager 2022 - or IDM is a widely used software on Windows today with the function of increasing the download speed 5 times faster than usual with many formats.

- IDM is considered to be a leading software in software that supports Download due to its extremely fast download speed. This is an indispensable software for those who often have to download data online.

- In addition to speeding up the download of heavy files such as video games, IDM software also has the ability to automatically start downloading mp3 links, videos on youtube or even making links to download document files such as PDF, Word, PPT, etc. Very convenient for users.

- Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted download files due to network problems, unexpected connection loss or computer shutdowns during download.

Main features of Internet Download Manager:

- Increase the speed of downloading documents and files to the computer:

This is the basic feature and the main feature of IDM, with the software that supports downloading, downloading idm files, all documents and movies you want to download to your computer will be done in a short time by IDM. will increase file download speed up to thousands of times, fast download is also how people describe this software. Unfortunately, there is no mobile version of IDM, if so, combined with Clean Master is the most perfect combination. However, you can download internet download manager for your computer to take advantage of all the great features that this software has to offer.

- Support and compatible with all browsers:

Internet Download Manager will help you download data faster from almost all popular formats today. By using the function key you can also integrate IDM with all Internet browsers.

- IDM Download files with simple operation:

Operation with download idm is very simple, with just one click you have completed the data download operation, paused or resumed the download, easy and fast installation.

- Download videos simply and quickly:

Internet Download Manager will help you automatically download videos on online video sharing sites when you visit and watch videos on these sites.

- Find and check Viruses automatically before downloading files to your computer:

This function will assist you to avoid being invaded by viruses during the process of downloading data files to your computer. As long as your computer has anti-virus software installed, the downloaded files will be automatically checked and scanned for viruses before downloading.

- Drag and drop path feature:

With just one mouse click you can drag and drop links to download data, or take data out of Internet Download Manager

- Simple to install and use:

When installing, download idm will automatically create the basic settings for you and check your network connection so that you can avoid problems when installing this software.

- Support multiple languages:

Internet Download Manager supports you to use many different languages ​​​​with all languages ​​​​of countries on all continents.

Versions of IDM

+ IDM 6.40 build 2

+ IDM 6.39 build 1: Updated on 14/7/2021

- Changed search dialog (Ctrl-F) and added SearchBar

- Fixed crash when searching for Unicode strings

- Added "Main Site" column display to the main dialog's download list

- Fix download errors on some websites

+ IDM 6.38 Build 21: Updated on April 17, 2021

- Improved compatibility with new versions of web browsers

- Fixed IDMMsgHost.exe error in previous version

+ IDM 6.38 Build 18: Updated on 03/03/2021

- Fix video download issue at some web

- Better support the status of catching video download links on the web to block downloads

+ IDM 6.38 Build 17: Updated on 12/02/2021

- Support to download many new video streams

- Increase file download speed and fix some minor bugs

+ IDM 6.38 Build 16: Updated on December 25, 2020

- Fixed some issues when downloading videos in the previous version

- Speed ​​up catching download links faster.

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Instructions for installing and Activating Internet Download Manager

- Turn off Windows Defender before installing.

- Download IDM Crack 6.xx Free version (the link is below), extract it and Copy Patch file to the IDM installation folder.

- You just need click to Patch file, confirm and use it.


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